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You may have noticed that Flash Video. FLVtool can insert meta data e. Because Snow Leopard and Lion both have RubyGems a Ruby package manager pre-installed, flvtool2 can be easily obtained:. NASM and Yasm. Yasm installed earlier is required to compile several assembly language routines present in the x code.

Media Streaming Server

Then, configure, build and install the x library with:. To rebuild FFmpeg to include H. Optional other formats. Usage examples. Installation steps 1 First, download and install Xcode 3. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. Better still, you can now access Time Shift from within any application, with global keyboard shortcuts.

Audio Hijack's preferences now enable you to set hotkeys for pausing and resuming, jumping back and forward 10 seconds, and jumping to live.

iTunes-LAME Encoder free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Share Sessions with friends via the Session menu. Export your own Sessions to share, or import Sessions from others! Major Enhancement: The new Sync Block lets you add a precise delay to the audio, of up to ms 1 second , per Block. The "Session Name" and "File Counter" variables are once again supported, for use in file names and metadata. Popover positions, as well as torn-off and pinned states, are now remembered and restored between launches. The Block library has been updated with a new Advanced section, and the Meters section has been moved up. Error messages for recording issues have been improved.

We don't expect that you'll ever see those anyway, though. Improvements to the scheduler to handle rare edge cases will provide even more reliable timed recording. When editing a tag in the Recordings tab, the tag will now be saved correctly even if action is taken while the tag is still in focus. Repeating Timer descriptions now display days of week in the same order as the actual day of week buttons.

It was pretty goofy that this wasn't always the case. Enhancement: Instant On 8. Additional fixes for high-sample rate devices mean unwanted noise will be eliminated for all types of audio capture. Tweak: Keyboard shortcuts in Session window now work when full keyboard access or VoiceOver is used to navigate to the LCD or lower toolbar buttons. Remove silence, start a new recording based on it, or end your recording entirely. It will also attempt to automatically correct any Sessions which used Volume Overdrive to work around the auto-ducking.

Setting Up Audacity Software on a Mac

In short, audio capture from FaceTime and Dictation works just as you'd expect. Major Enhancement: Audio Hijack is now smarter in dealing with missing and re-appearing audio devices. In addition, when a device is not plugged in, Audio Hijack will alert you so you can adjust your settings. Previously, Audio Hijack could simply fail to capture audio, and that was far from ideal.

We recommend that all users install Instant On, but now when it's required, you'll know. Audio Hijack's Preferences window now offers the ability to select a companion audio editor to show up in the aforementioned Actions control. We recommend our own editor Fission , of course, but any editor may be chosen. Option-click to reset this preference. Keyboard control has been expanded for quick access to important recording controls. Turn off all Recordings in a Session with Commmand-K. Pause all Recordings with Command-B.

Split all Recordings with Command-T. Several minor cosmetic improvements have been made, including fixes for icons in the App Source popup and flickering in the Recording tab. Certain rare and unsupported combinations of AAC settings which previously caused an error are now correctly limited in the UI.

LAME MP3 Encoder (Installer) (Mac)

There's all sorts of additional tiny improvements and fixes. As usual, we recommend getting the latest version right away! The Recorder block now has a "Stopped" state, shown when a File Limit is reached or the Block is turned off. Critical Bug Fix: This update fixes a thankfully rare issue, where timers could break and begin to behave inconsistently.

Critical Bug Fix: A regression introduced in version 3. All timers should now function as expected. Major Enhancement: Overall latency in Audio Hijack has been massively reduced, and improvements to prevent latency from growing have been made as well. If you had issues with latency previously, please test this new version.

Critical Bug Fix: Due to faulty logic, on days when clocks changed for Daylight Saving Time, timers previously suffered from off-by-one-hour issues. This has now been corrected, so timers will work correctly on all days of the year. Files are named correctly after splits, and the finalization of longer files is better handled. The Recordings and Schedule tabs now feature "Delete Recording s " and "Delete Timer s " buttons respectively, to make it much more obvious how to delete these items. An issue where a popover could come down with an uncontrollable case of the jiggles has been corrected. It may have looked funny, but it was certainly not correct!

Various other minor interface improvements, including preventing unnecessary scrolling in the Library, updating highlight colors, tweaking the schedule layout slightly, adding a "No Presets" view when the last preset is deleted, and improving editing of an active timer. Critical Bug Fix: We've fixed an issue where App Nap could affect recordings, particularly unattended recordings, resulting in incomplete or incorrect audio.

If you experienced any issues with incomplete recordings, this update should cure things. Enhancement: Recorder settings can now be tweaked when a Recorder block is off, regardless of the state of the Session running or not. The Recordings tab will now update titles to reflect file name or title tag changes, as well as other tag changes. If Instant On is not installed, dragging a System Audio block into a running Session will now not pop a whole mess of errors. Nice, huh?

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Session windows now properly remember to re-open on launch, and the Home window now opens behind other Session windows on launch, not in front of them. The text of the Ducking block has been updated in an attempt at greater clarity. Its functionality is unchanged. It is no longer possible to delete in-progress recordings. That was weird, so we no longer allow it. Previously, there was a complex and confusing issue where splitting AAC or ALAC files could eventually result in a file winding up mis-named and a directory higher than it should have been.

A preliminary fix to avoid the issue is now in place. Critical Bug Fix: An issue where audio could get crackly and eventually stop playing through properly has been fixed.


Install lame on Mac OSX

Critical Bug Fix: A rare but serious bug where Audio Hijack could pinwheel and die at the end of a recording has been corrected. Bug Fix: We crushed an irritating bug where text fields in the Recordings tab would lose focus with each keystroke. Bug Fix: Importing of old Sessions is now more robust, and correctly imports all timers and tags. Bug Fix: Improvements to latency have been made, particularly to prevent latency growth. Further improvements to latency issues are expected in future versions.