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Hi folks, I've looked high and low for a solution to this. I found nothing, so I am thinking it's not possible.

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And yet I find that hard to believe I have lists with in excess of 10, entries. Some have a few thousand, some over 10K.

What I was expecting is that when I set up those lists as validation lists for cell input, I would be able to just start typing and the list would move to any valid entries. For instance What I was mistakenly anticipating is that as I start typing "av" for example the list will drill down to the "AVL - Another One" entry. But nothing happens at all.

With many thousands of entries, it is very tedious to search through the list for each entry. What I'd like to know is if there is any way to convert the validation list into some kind of complete-as-you-type drop-down list? I am using Excel v I might be wrong, and I am about to test some of the solutions provided.

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  • Re: Autocomplete as you type drop-down list. The following lines were not allowed: Code:. I did find a solution that functions, although it is rather inconvenient to implement. And I have multiple columns that call on a couple of different lists. So a macro or Mac compatible VBA solution still seems more suitable.

    Solutions you find should work as is or with minor tweaking provided the solutions do not rely on Active-X controls, which are not supported on the Mac and won't be until someone ports them they're open source. There are various form controls available. I think if you hunt around you can find examples of how to make a combo-list edit control work using autocomplete. There are two catches. You would need to trap an event double-click a cell, for example to trigger the dialog. If you prefer, you could use a UserForm control instead of the dialog, but there's no combo list edit control in Userforms, so you would need to do a workaround.

    However, an overriding concern is the maximum number of rows that are suppored by the combo-list edit control. My memory says that it's limited to 5, rows, so your data may not be able to be displayed by this control. I did a quick search but could not verify my suspicion. If you are willing to have the data in one workbook, and put the the worksheet on which data validation is needed into its own workbook, you could use ODBC via a parameter query to validate the input.

    There are many approaches you could take to building an autocomplete routine using data retreived via ODBC from the data source.


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