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How To convert JPG to PDF

You may want to convert a Word to PDF for convenient reading and distribution with its high portability. But it is quite difficult to convert a Word to PDF without quality loss, such as sacrificed formatting image resolutions. If you have Leopard Just do the following:. If that doesn't work for you, you should look at any third-party solutions such as Adobe Acrobat Pro which has a combine feature or PDFLab. I prefer using command line tools such as ImageMagick for this type of work.


You can install IM with Homebrew :. If you want a specific order you can also write out the. My method is similar to Marcus's, but works a little better for me when the images are all different sizes and you don't want the PDF to just be all 8. On more current versions of OSX, you may be better off using the native command line tool sips - see the answered Stack Overflow question , which converts from pdf to png.

A much simpler way is to use the rather overlooked app Automator, that you find in the Applications folder. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 8 years ago. Active 9 months ago.

Using the Quick Action to convert HEIC images to JPG

Viewed 60k times. Duplicate question on AskDifferent: apple. You should now have a PDF containing all your images. It's and this method still works like charm. Thanks for this answer.

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For me this has worked perfectly many times before and to double check I just tried it again. We are committed to keeping your data and information safe. Our image to PDF converter supports any device and operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, so you can use our suite of tools from any device.